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I really must apologize for the noted lack of update in the last few months. Life, and bandwidth issues, seem to be catching up to me o_O

But fear not! AVATAR is not going down yet. There will definitely be an update by the end of the summer, one way or another.

Thank you for your patience!


AVATAR's been reaching some milestones lately! Not only have we reached 500 hits, but we are referenced on IMDB as one of the 'Miscellaneous Links' for Nick Stahl! We are currently listed, simply, as 'Fan site'.
As for the update, Episodes 4 and 5 of 'Carnivāle' are up in the Image Gallery, and a few new quotes have been added to the quote generator (have you noticed them yet?). That's all for now!

Well, in apology for not updating in a long time, this ones a fairly big one, albeit a simple Image Gallery update. ^_^ The third episode of "Carnivāle" is up, as is a complete collection of screencaps from the movie "Bully". I promise I'll get to work on the Characters section soon!
And don't forget, if any of you out there have something to contribute -- a link, a quote (For the random link generator up there. Ain't that thing fun?), any suggestions... Feel free to send 'em my way! My e-mail is, or you can leave a comment at the LiveJournal community.


Over 100 hits? Yikes! This is quite awesome... Anyway, today we have yet another Image Gallery update, with the second epsiode of "Carnivāle"!

Added a new section to the Image Gallery: the images from the first episode of 'Carnivāle' are now up!

Unless the folks at Bravenet are lying to me, this site is about to reach 50 hits! How exciting! ^_^ Anyway, today I added a couple of things to the Time Wasters section, and the Links page is now open. That only leaves one section to be opened up!

The Biography/Filmography section of the site is now open, as is the Time Wasters section! That only leaves Characters and Related Links to be set up, and of course the Image Gallery has a long way to go! In addition to that, the AVATAR LiveJournal Community has just been formed. Join to instantly get updates on the site, as well as the latest news on Nick and exclusive screencaps!

The image gallery is now open for business, with OVER 100 SCREENCAPS from the movie "Twist"! (Though most of the other links are still broken- it takes a long time to make a website, peoples!) Feel free to browse around and use the images there for your own nefarious purposes- so long as you don't hotlink! (Tripod'll screw up the image if you try to, anyway) It would also be wonderful if you would credit my site, as every one of the screencaps were taken by yours truly.

Well, this website, for one! I'm sorry to say that none of the links work, as this site is under major construction. But be sure to check back for the latest updates!