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"I wanna tell you who I am..." - Johnny Rzeznik

NAME: Xander Amon
OTHER NAMES: Xavier, Far Amon
APPEARENCE: In the upper half of four feet, thin and nimble with pale skin. Hair is straight in the front and wavy at the back, and is of a color somewhere between blonde and brown. Greyish green eyes with a golden rim around the pupil.
ABILITIES: Flying without the use of wings, shapeshifting, resistance to fire, Earth magic.
LIFESPAN: A few hundred years, maybe even thousands. Though obviously, his soul is still around...

Xander is my first, original life, and as such is also known as my "residual form", or the physical representation of my soul.

I donít know how my origins truly came about. I guess if you have your own theory about how faeries come to be, you can apply that to me. I sometimes apply an Ellaran model to my creation, and say that I was formed primarily by Nature, secondarily by Chaos, with only little splashes of Life and Death thrown in. Iím not a pure being by any means, but my main allegiances lie with Nature.

In my life as Xander, I was a member of the Fae group Buachailleen, or ďHerding BoysĒ. It's listed in a lot of resources as a "type" or "species", but itís not so much a species as it is something of a club for faeries. You can spot us by our uniforms, which pretty much consist of a red hat, and we are for the most part male. Every year during the summer the Buachailleen get together to play tricks on farmers, party, and pretty much just live it up. With the arrival of the Autumnal Equinox we all part ways until the next year.

As far as personality goes, as Xander I am somewhat of a child. I am sneaky, inquisitive, and harmlessly mischevious, but I also have the tendency to be rather fragile and sensitive at times. Anything that I see as a personal attack could very well cause me to freak out and hold a grudge- though the severity of such grudges is luckily off-set by their brevity. However upset I might get, I never stay angry for very long unless the insult is a very great one. Otherwise I am easily brought up to a cheerful mood.

I like to wax philosophical every now and again, and Iím very good at it. I can highlight the darker sides of life from a humorous perspective; I can look at the "normal" way that things work and laugh at it. Most of all, I can laugh at myself. When Iím in a meditative mood I like to make up proverbs and write poetry, and Iím very good at using my words.

COLORS: Yellow/Gold, Green, Purple, Red
INSTRUMENT: Irish flute, Voice
SONGS: "I Stand All Alone" by Bryan White
"Winter's on the Wing" from The Secret Garden
"Why Should I Worry" by Billy Joel
"I'm Still Here" by Johnny Rzeznik
WEAPONS: Quarterstaff, Martial Arts
ZODIAC: Sagittarius- optimistic, jovial, restless, honest, careless.
RUNE: Peorth.

The Xander Gallery: Art that is not by me, but struck me as particularly Xander-ish- either because it represents one of my lives, or it just reminded me of Xander. Artists are credited in the titles where they are known.

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