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NAME: Emily
OTHER NAMES: Em, Pip, Smitty
GENDER: Female
TIME PERIOD: 1986-Present
ORIGIN: Iím an American Mutt- Russian, Austrian, German, Swiss, and all kinds of British are swimminí around in my blood. Brought up just outside of New York City.
APPEARENCE: About 5 foot 8, thin but not excessively so. Pale skin. Greyish-green eyes. My hair was blonde when I was very young but has since become a light brown. It has also gone from very curly to wavy.

I was born to an Upper Middle Class family in the state of New York, just outside the Big Apple. As a child I was very quiet and sneaky; sometimes I would wander off without my parents knowing it! I could also be very sensitive, and it would take me a long time to get over being so easily hurt.

I have always been childlike in many ways. As my friends and I got older and they began to leave behind things like stuffed toys and cartoons, I still derived entertainment from them (heck, I still love cartoons and Iím 18 now!). I also loved playing dress-up, and singing, inclinations which have since shown themselves to be a precursor to a love of the stage. Iíve been in plays and musicals and singing on recordings for most of my life, and some of my greatest life experiences have come from the theatre.

Iíve also always been a little bit gender-confused; though I am most definitely attracted to men I find I also enjoy wearing menís clothing; also all my biggest role models have all been male. Sometimes I would attempt to latch onto the image of the ďstrong womanĒ, but even that didnít appeal to me. And when I began exploring my past lives, I discovered the only ones I could remember were as men!! This has led me to believe that my soul is inherently male, yet for some reason Iím a girl this time around.

Currently I am studying at Northwestern University and enjoying it very much. I look forward to what this life still has to offer me!

In my medieval garb.

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