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Of course this is not a chronicle of all my lives. This is just all I've been able to get so far. I'll add to it as I gather more information. I'll also try to add more pictures and some of my own sketches in the future.

In the Beginning: Xander

My Current Life


Late 1600s-Early 1700s: Andiramihaja Ratsiraka

1960-1982: "Thomas"

The theory of Realms other than Earth is one that I personally subscribe to; it is also an idea in Ellaran philosophy.

'Carnivale': Josephine

Gaea: Dilandau Albatou

Middle Earth: Peregrin "Pippin" Took

'Twist': Jimmy Taylor, aka "Dodge"


Mismatched Soul, or, Why I Went Crazy (Dilandau Albatou)

Got thoughts? Comments? Questions? Want to share a past life story of your own? (I'm always willing to listen!) Contact me at