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"I'm lost and I'm hopeless / I'm bleeding and broken / Though I've never spoken / I come undone / In this Mad Season." - Matchbox 20
NAME: Jimmy Taylor
ORIGIN: Irish/French Canadian. Brought up in a suburb of Quebec, not far from the city.
APPEARANCE: 5’9”. Brown hair, large brown-grey eyes. Very slender, but not fragile. Strong hands.
LIFESPAN: At least 30 years.

As Jimmy Taylor, I was born to a middle-class family just outside of Quebec City. In many ways our family was rather normal. Both parents were there, and I was the younger of two boys. But as we got older, something got sour between our parents. By the time I was six (and my brother David was eleven), my father was an alcoholic, and my mother beat us for “stepping out of line”.

I suffered through school, hanging with the rough crowd. When I was 13 and David was about to leave for a University, we had a falling-out and I ran away from home. I got caught that time after a couple weeks, and brought home. But I kept running away, and eventually I managed to get far enough away so they couldn't find me. I also started introducing myself to people as “Dodge”.

I lived on the streets for nearly a year, finding food and shelter wherever I could. I also got involved in some pretty illegal activity, including drug abuse. At 17, I came under the care of a man named Fagin, who gave me shelter as long as I “worked” for him and his partner Bill, and recruited other young boys to his “business”. Eventually the business consisted of myself and four other boys; Chris, Noah, Adam, and Oliver. It fell apart, though, and I ended up on the streets again.

Then I met Tod Jeremy, a young man only a little older than me, and we rented an apartment together. We both got jobs at a video rental store and sold marijuana to pay the bills. With Tod’s help I got over some of my worse addictions, though I still drank and smoked excessively.

I know that I lived at least 30 years in this life, though the cause of death is unknown.

"Mad Season" by Matchbox 20
"Broken Angel" by Hanson
"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day

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